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My name is Maryanne Hogan, I am an independent college counselor. I like to think of myself as a coach. Some students require extra help navigating the college admissions process, more than what their school counselor can provide. That is where my services come into play. I help students and their families get, and stay, on the right track so they can fulfill their full potential in college admittance.


My family moved to Maui in 2003. My children attended Sacred Hearts in Lahaina for 4 years before we had to move back to the mainland for my husband’s work.  Once my kids both graduated high school, I had time on my hands, so I decided to go back to school myself and get my certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. My undergraduate degree is from UC Davis in Economics. Once I completed the certificate program, I decided to bring my services to Maui since this is where I felt my services could best be utilized. I feel that students on Maui have unique needs in the college search process, and my own experience both on Maui and the Mainland give me an advantage in helping my students along the way. My husband and I now live part time in Lahaina and part time in Menlo Park, Ca.


As part of my certification process, I worked in the office of Canada Community College in Redwood City, CA helping students with the transfer process from CC to 4 year schools. I participate in ongoing continuing education through the Hawaii Association of College Admissions Counseling, and through private services available to me as a counselor. I visit different colleges around the country on a regular basis, meeting with admissions counselors to find out how my students can best position themselves for admission. I have been the “eyes” of many of my students who have be unable to personally visit a school themselves.


I have tremendous respect for the work that our high school counselors do, and I am happy to work in conjunction with them for the best outcome for my students. Because I only take a very limited number of students at any given time, I have the luxury of spending lots of personal time helping my students from testing options all the way through to final selection time. I have worked with public school students, home schooled students, private school students, and community college transfers. 

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